Butter Chicken Spice mix

Butter Chicken mix
Butter Chicken spice mix

The BEST Butter Chicken Spice Mix that you will ever find. Create silky smooth buttery chicken every time, by simply adding to fresh ingredients.  Easy to use with simple to use instructions for everyone to create mouthwatering curry every time.


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Create silky smooth, delicately spiced Butter Chicken at home. It is packed full of aromatic flavors, and real spices that bring actual taste to the curry. Stop adding ketchup, coconut, and almonds to a curry that is traditionally made beautifully with simple ingredients. All you need to add are the fresh ingredients, and if you want it spicy, some fresh green chillies.

There’s so many ways to make Butter Chicken, but whatever method you choose, it tastes the best a few hours later. Always make extra, as the leftovers taste amazing.  The mix makes it easy for anyone to put it together – if my husband can make it, anyone can.

One packet of 35gms is sufficient to cook 500gms of chicken, and contains all the necessary spices for marinating and cooking the gravy.