Aloo Gobi

Kidney friendly version, made without salt and lots of ginger, onions and garlic. I added the potatoes/aloo in there in wedges so they cook evenly and also, for them to be easily fished out for those who don't like the gobi. I don't add red chilli powder and only add fresh green chillies for heat, … Continue reading Aloo Gobi

Meatballs in yogurt based gravy

Inspired by the famous Rao's meatballs recipe, I tuned up our normal pork meatballs into these very juicy, moist meatballs in a delicious quick curry made with a base gravy. 500gms pork mince (works equally well with chicken or turkey as well); 2 tbsp kebab masala of your choice; 2 large eggs salt and black … Continue reading Meatballs in yogurt based gravy

Base gravy

For British Restaurant Style curries - a fragrant sauce that uplifts the normal 'curry'; it creates the proper curry sauce! My secret of big batch cooking or making food in large quantities and it has a load of secret vegetables. This recipe makes 4 litres of gravy, sufficent for 6-8 curries. 8 large onions 6 … Continue reading Base gravy