Sweet Vermicelli

Sugar free and oil free indulgence to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings. A very quick and easy recipe, made within minutes.


Half a packet Roasted vermicelli

1/2 cup mixed nuts of your choice (and raisins if you like)

1/2 cup Canderel or Splenda powder

1/2 tsp cardamom powder (optional)

1 cup water


Dry roast the nuts in a pan for a couple of minutes and add the vermicelli. Continue to dry roast on low/medium heat. You want the vermicelli to toast lightly but not change colour, or you won’t have an even colour on them.

Add half a cup of water and continue stirring, it will get absorbed quite quickly and then add a little bit more water, with the cardamom powder, if they haven’t started to soften. Since they are already cooked, it doesn’t take long for them to soften. Stir in the Canderel or Splenda powder (or any other sweetener of your choice).

Don’t overcook the vermicelli, or it will go mushy. Just enough for them to soften and for the water to evaporate. It will continue to absorb water even after you remove them from heat, so make sure it still looks damp when you remove it from the heat.

Serve hot with some heavy cream or even a scoop of sugar free vanilla icecream for the ultimate indulgence.

6 thoughts on “Sweet Vermicelli

  1. I’ve never tried these in a dessert preparation before. I love the cardamom flavour and the technique for preventing mushy noodles. Thanks!


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